How Lillion’s (LIL) Supply will work?

Lillion Proof of Stake fallow ownership of tokens in a blockchain as a Sybil resistance mechanism for determining participation in its protocol. The Lillion is a Proof of Stake-based token. The Lillion provides a number of options to the field of Proof of Stake and crypto-economic design, including features such as delegation, instant redelegation, delegation commitments, and efficient automatic reward distribution.

Inflation:- All the supply is controlled by the stakeholding, (POS) The current staked LIL is around 3,50,000, only daily generated APY can be out for selling.
Deflation:- If the stakeholders do not sell 50% of the generated APY in the market and the price of LIL surpasses around $5 from the current price then it will be contributed from the main supply.
It will happen only if a certain price increase occurs in a short period of time.

For Example, if the generated supply is 2120/day and only 500 LIL is going in the exchanges for sale at the rate of $5 we’ll not add any extra liquidity, but if the price LIL goes beyond $5 we will start adding remaining 500 LIL.

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