Lillion (LIL) has been listed on P2PB2B Exchange

We live in a world where we are controlled by the big industrialist and corrupt governments.
It is time to flip the coin to another side where we control our life and finance.
We have never thought about how the world will look like if all our spending comes with a value, a value which can be exchanged with other value or money.
We at “Lillion Innovation INC.” working on a blockchain economy where every consumer’s spending comes with a value that can be used by the merchants selling on Lillion’s platforms.
It’s not rocket science it is very simple
let us take an example:
Mr. A wanted to travel to Singapore so by using our traditional methods he goes to some platform book air ticket pay using card/bank and he gets his travel booked.
So now you must be thinking yes you know it.
Now let’s think that the airlines spend money on promotions and featured listing on the platforms/apps.
So “what if the money Mr. A spends can create the same amount of value for him while buying the same ticket?”
let me explain:
So The LILLION Travel platform have the same tickets you buy from another platform the difference will be it will not use cards/bank, it will use Lillion Utility Token (LIL), Bitcoin, like cryptocurrencies, so the moment you spend 100 LIL on any ticket you buy, it will create 100 vLIL, which merchants and companies can use to buy advertisements, featured listing and other options. So in a way, if the price of vLIL is equal to LIL your ticket will be free.
We are working on many different platforms:
Travel Booking (Air tickets, Hotels, Taxi, Vacations)
E-Commerce ( All kind of products)
Online Casino ( All kinds of games)
Betting ( All kind of live games)
NFT ( Buy/Sell of digital goods)
Hopefully, now you got it, the idea of how we can create an economy runs on value addition on our every purchase using LILLION (LIL) Tokens as a payment method.
So do not wait to start staking LILION in your portfolio join the Lillion Comunity buy Lillion (LIL) directly from the exchange and be part of the innovation and change.

Enjoy your trading:


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